ASB Fraud Offer

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ASB Fraud Offer



I had one ASB agent sell us an offer for smart 150, 18 months promising a iPhone 8, which could be delivered it within 4 days. However, nothing turned up. And now, if I try to call back this agent, the phone number seems to be de-activated. There is no way to contact this person.


Not only that, I also got some crazy messages from dewa after using the sim.


The sim is of course activated. At this point I do not know what actually I am getting and what I will be charged. And I cannot find this offer on the website. I am not really amused and would like to raise a complain about this fraudlent activities.



Re: ASB Fraud Offer

Hi @xoxox


Would you please share the concerned number so we can better assist you!




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Re: ASB Fraud Offer

Same case happned with me..
I went to police station .. i will bring report from court and thn submit to police station.. Insha-allah thn watch only
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Re: ASB Fraud Offer

Please tell me then what happened. This is so frustrating.