third party subsucrption

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third party subsucrption

hi my mobile number is 0524399620. i have unkhown third party service activated and it cost is aed1 per day please unsubscribe it soon thanks

Re: third party subsucrption

Dear @aneeqmirza,


The du community is to exchange general information about du’s products, and it’s a great place to get answers from your fellow members. If you get stock you can always get more help from du’s Support portal.


For account specific related inquiries (e.g. usage information) you can:


  • Access My Account which allows you to view and manage billing, usage and offer information
  • Download the du app for IOS or Android - helps you manage your accounts on the go.
  • If you cannot find the answer on the community, try du Support.
  • Call Support.



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