Subscription without my permission

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Subscription without my permission

Everyday i am receiving an sms 'you are successfully subscribed to du music store download plan at 1 AED' from the number 1234. I have to send sms from my post paid plan to unsubscribe it. I have contracted customer care. They told i may activated it while browsing. But I am sure, I used Facebook, WhatsApp and Emirates NBD app. only in last 3 days. I didn't sent any message to subscribe this service. Then how it is happening everyday??. I DONT WANT ANY SUBSCRIPTION. PLEASE DEACTIVATE ALL. AND I DON'T WANT ANYTHING IN FUTURE. PLS STOP IT..
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Re: Subscription without my permission

There are chances to subscribe while browsing without your knowledge if your phone is not updated properly. Make sure you have done all the updates on your phone.

You can even test it by keeping the number in to another mobile and see if you get any messages stating that subscribed to so n so.

Furthermore, after updating contact customer care to make sure you are not subscribed to any of such things.

Thank you