Registering SIM under new name

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Registering SIM under new name

Hi, my du prepaid line which was bought by my sister under her Emirates ID is no longer allowing me to make a call. It says not registered in network. I suspect it has to do with my sister's Emirates ID being expired as her visa is cancelled.


Now she is not yet getting a new residence visa. Is it possible to register it in my name as I now have residence visa? If so, what shall I do and what documents will be needed? Please note that I do not have my sister's documents/ emirates ID and passport details with me.



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Re: Registering SIM under new name

Hi there,

if you wish to change the ownership of the sim card from your sis or from anyone, you need the below documents:


1. letter from the owner of the simcard stating that she need to tranfer the owner ship from her name to your name

2. a noc from your side (simply write up a letter stating that you have no objection to receive the so n so number from your sis to your name)

3. Valid ID and passport copy of both of you 


As per your note, you doesnt have your sis passport copy, in this way you cannot get it activated. kindly contact your sis to whatsapp or email her passport copy and the letter (document 1)