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Online purchase

I have purchased a "gem" by paying my more time load which is 20. Something dhs, now, here's the thing. I can't download or update any app in my mobile because it wasn't charged to my account? I bought enough load to be spent and got what i purchased. How is it possible that they are telling me to contact you because it wasn't charged to my acc. At all. I just loading my sim again so that they can charge my number. The load is here. I am sure it is enough of what they are asking me but they can't. Please solve this. I feel like my phone is useless right now. This is urgent.

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Hi @MicoAzuro


Kindly provide us your number in a private message along with your full name & date of birth?

Could you also clarify the below:
- Was this done via Google Play or Apple Store
- You've mentioned "I can't download or update any app in my mobile because it wasn't charged to my account?" - By your account, you mean du account or your Google Play or Apple Store account

It'll also be helpful if you share with us snapshots of all the related messages you got





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Re: Online purchase

i have a new issue
regarding a purchase i made and i can't finish because as per the verificatoon that is needed is the code that will be sent to my mobile and i should in put in the space provided is not coming.
i waited for 4 hours and nothing happened? is there a problem with the network? i couldn't recieve any verification code for the purchase that i want to do. please help me. my number is 0523089150