Making calls when overseas

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Making calls when overseas

Hi i have pack 150 can I make calls when I travel Thailand of please advise what best to do thank you regards Iain
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Re: Making calls when overseas

Regardless of the plan you are using, you can always have roaming facilities to receive or make calls. These are the options as per du:


Option 1: Easy roaming plan for selected 77 counties and thailand is already in the 77 countries; service providers are DTAC and AIS.


Activation fee 10 aed for 30 days if prepaid and if you are in to any smart plan this activation fee will not be there if your smart plan is older than 3 months.


To activate sens sms easy to 5102 (while u r in uae or abroad)


Calls with in destinaton AED 0.30/ minute; incoming calls AED1.25/minute, SMS: AED0.60; Calll back to uae or outside AED2.40/minute


if you need data, 1GB will cost you 200 aed;  if you are prepaid customer Dial *135*20# to activate prefered data or if you are post paid customer visit on your phone browser and choose whatever package you wish to use.


Option 2: Standard roaming one world one rate plan its available in 160+ countries including thailand.


By default its activated on prepaid and if you are post paid user, you need to visit any du shops.


Calls with in destination will be AED0.95/ min (GCC) AED2.00/min (Arab countries) AED 5.00/ minutes other coutries.

Call back to uae: AED 2.35 (from GCC) AED 6.00 (Arab Countries), AED 9.00 (other counties)

International calls outside the destination: AED 9.00/ min


incoming calls (postpaid) : AED 1.25 (GCC), AED 3 (Arab Countries), AED 4 (rest of the world) 


Data usage : aed 1 /30kb or aed 1/50kb




You can visit the below links to get more info:



I hope you have got all the information. I suggest go for easy roaming and that will serve you better.




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Re: Making calls when overseas

I have a prepaid number and I can’t make calls while roaming. I still can receive calls but outgoing calls not working.
I’ve activated the easy roaming also & 10AED has been deducted from my balance.
Any solution?