Internet doesn't work

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Internet doesn't work

3 hours ago I charge my balance and paid for 1 gb of internet...Why internet doesn't work...who can help me?
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Re: Internet doesn't work


Sometimes it's simple, just activate internet on your phone. 

It happens even to me sometimes, my bundle is about to finish, so i deactivate internet to avoid deduction until i activate next bundle. 


If you have it activated, please check if APN is on DU 

Otherwhise manual APN for Data and MMS are ; 

Name: du

APN: du

Proxy: Not set

Port: Not set

User Name: Not set

Password: Not Set

Server: Not Set


MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 8080

MCC: 424

MNC: 03

Authentication type: PAP

APN Type: default, mms, supl





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