Du Network Comes and goes- Becoming a nightmare.

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Du Network Comes and goes- Becoming a nightmare.



Hope all is well.


I have begun noticing an issue dating back/around December 25, 2017. My service network comes and goes every single day up till now and frankly, it's starting to make life extremely difficult and I'm losing a lot of patience as I get important phone calls. 


The network comes and goes, comes and goes, comes and goes, nonstop and repeatedly.


I have tried every solution there is. I restarted my phone millions of times, took out the sim card and put it back millions of times, went in person to see DU and they couldn't do anything and they gave me new sim card just in case but it still did not change anything, try registering to network manually, but it  is not the problem either. I have done that many times as well. I try resetting my network. I have tried every possible solution there and still the same thing. 


DU even called me and walked me through the same process which I already had done millions of time and I notified them that this process didn't change anything.  They didn't help after that.


As stated above, this all started around the end of December 2017.


I have tried everything and the service comes and goes. This has to be a problem on your end.


I have searched everywhere online and found people with similar issues:

-One stated that Du was not aware that had start/stop service and did not notify the customer that this was on.

-One was about missing documents (But we visited the customer service and nothing mentioned of this so I believe it was okay.


Please help find a solution ASAP, as I am losing my patience and will have to switch to another service provider cause this is delaying the process.


Kindly need assistance.

Cell number is personal use and is +971529769711 (0529769711)











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Re: Du Network Comes and goes- Becoming a nightmare.

Hello @hisham7,


Would you please try to use another handset and let us know if the issue remains?


Thank you,


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Re: Du Network Comes and goes- Becoming a nightmare.

Could you please double check your systems?

What does that mean? Handset?

Thank you for your response.
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Re: Du Network Comes and goes- Becoming a nightmare.

Okay. I got it. I'll try putting it into another phone, but this phone is still 2 months new.