Balance Deduction

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Balance Deduction

My number is 556238972.

I had recharged my number previously on 11/12th June for AED 25 withiut data.

The balance got reduced to AED0.09 without I hardly usage of the voice calls. Therefore I got the number recaharged by another AED 25  yesterday and the balance was AED 25.09. This phone I am using only for Incoming calls if any and Internet through WIFI only.

However, when I checked the balance today withiut any usage, it was reduced ti AED 20.89 for the reasons unknown.

I shall request for the information on this problem and sort out the same, so that my balance does not get deducted without usage.




Re: Balance Deduction

Hi @vpv


We would like to inform you that the du community is not for account specific inquiries (e.g. usage information) and we will no longer be able to answer any account specific related questions.

For account specific related inquiries, you can:


  • Access My Account which allows you to view and manage billing, usage and offer information
  • Download the du app for IOS or Android - helps you manage your accounts on the go.
  • If you cannot find the answer on the community, try du Support.
  • Call Support.

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