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online chat

du should start accepting online live text chat with customers , trouble shoot and resolve their issues on the spot

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Dear Customer Service


MOBILE NO 0544447096


i send several e mails to your office and also phone calls, please  look into its   few min back i chat with Etisalat 


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re: 0544447096


I cant make a out going call  as Etisalat is blocked my ac as some payments issues now they send a text mesage saying  issue is sloved now DU as intervine and slove my problems  few min back i chat with Etisalat the following chat message, which is self explanatory



When it is approved, you can check back with Du and confirm with them it has been done.
Gangarajaiah:11:19:58 AM
sir, i agree sir but your billing department to tke intiated and do the needful to avoid delays sir as i cant not make a call this is my humble request, as i request DU are saying the matter as to sloved from Etisalat not from our end. so please pls sir take actions do the needful and shukran sir
Ahmed Ejhday:11:21:53 AM
It is temporary resolved.
Ahmed Ejhday:11:22:06 AM
Until amount is credited.
Ahmed Ejhday:11:23:43 AM
Is there anything else I can help or support you with?
Gangarajaiah:11:24:47 AM
No thanks sir much appriciated
Ahmed Ejhday:11:25:49 AM
Thank you for using Etisalat chat service, we appreciate you for using our services and strive to serve you with our best products and services always.
i spoken to your customer centre and also mailed  upto now response pls do the nedful thsi is my umble request 
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I send an urgent request to Du community and didn't get any reply. Please advise.




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 Im angelo lulu staff i would like to inquire regarding this one i will send attachment. Thank you.



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 Hi Everyone


Please let me know, that when my A/C Contract will be expired.


Detail of the A/C Number is : 6.140950