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My concern is closed without any action, worst service provider. Cheating with customer and now ignoring call and emails. None of them coming ahead and facing the truth Customer care bluffs their store peoples bluff. Last time i spoke with floor supervisor Mr. Anujith and he assured that I will get a call and resolution from Du but nothing they all are hiding their weakness


To all members who are facing issue with Du, no need to waste your time and energy. I have learn from my mistake that I choose Du, they will open your concern and will close internally without any action even without your knowledge  


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Hi  My name is Maricar Mendoza and I am a subscriber and holder of a DU telecom number here in UAE.

The problem begun last May 21 2017 when I went to DU Deira City Center to pay the unpaid bills for my

personal number which is 0523442397 I had been assisted by Ms. Monica of the said DU branch.

She assisted me and I paid. She asked me to wait until her call because the said transaction is under

approval  and also asked me to at least bring copy of my payslip for their documentation req. SO the ff

day It was May 22 she called in my office, it was my collegue who got the call- so later that day in the

evening  since , it’s my only available time. I again visited their DU shop in Deira City Center. I asked her

also  if I can change my number she said ‘Yes’ She asked me to pay additional 125 Dirhams for the sim.


then I paid. I left with a very happy heart that night because finally my number will be reinstated.

The ff billing date I was surprised my bill had an additional 300 dirhams- MY plan is only 150 dhs per

month. So I called customer service Im thinking maybe there’s only a system error. And I wasn’t advised

regarding  the 300 Dhs by Monica – the DU customer sales representative of DU Deira city center.

I called DU hotline – The agent said it was a fee for cancellation- So I was speechless.. I was  thinking if I

have to go back again in DU DCC or just settle this. I asked the call center agent if this is only 1 time fee

he said yes. I only have to pay 1 time then finish. All will be back to normal.  If I have known all this

charges..  paying  125 for new sim will be quite acceptable and additional 300 dhs will be very

UNACCEPTABLE I should just chose to retain my old number and never wished to change number at all.

To save me from getting high blood pressure ..I just chose to pay it. I paid at the nearest exchange in

my house  paid 300 plus the current bill which is 157 dhs.

At last finish. I went home again with a good heart and peace of mind.

**And this July I received a message coming from DU stating that my bill is 1372 dhs.

There  is 1200 dhs  additional bill for the number which I chose to cancel and for the number which I

paid 300 dhs  cancellation fee .


I felt so hopeless  and powerless.  I’m not earning here in UAE to pay my DU account only.  I think there’s

some system error again I was forcing myself to believe that idea.

 ( Take note my monthly plan is 150 dhs and Im not exhausting DU services because I have WIFI in the office which Is etisalat and provided by the company and the same at home provided by the flat owner where I stay.)

I went to DU Deira City Center again--- to  complain. Because of this additional 1200 dhs  is insanely


There was  a DU employee girl who was standing in front of the number generating machine told me  If I wished to change my number I have just to pay 100 dhs  bec they will just change it in the system and not give me new sim.  But I don’t know that I told her (other lady not Monica) Im not an employee of DU nor trained by DU for their products and services.

Finally my turn – Mr. Zohaib  assisted me. Took all information from me asked his manager and told me within 24 hours someone from DU will call me he made a report which I haven’t read at all bec the monitor of his computer of course is facing him and also that’s his job already no need to intervene.

And today August 9, 2017, I received a call from DU back office – He said they need to validate – I have to go back to DU AGAIN AND VALIDATE – I told him I already did my part going there to complain – theve already got the report/ complain from me- if they will validate they shoukd validate what ive complained to their manager and employee of the said branch. That person from back office wanted me to talk to MONICA and what- OMG- To settle things down.. OH gosh. He ios really wasting my energy and time- I asked him if theres any way I can contact them thru phone he said no I need to gain come there to validate omg what shall I do.. I will validate- because he haven’t received any validation yet.  This is a very Poor service oriented company. If they can pay my salary for tonight for doing part time job yeah ill come or ill just leave this issue and not pay and they will put me behind bars or cancel my flight going out of the county in the future.

Common Sense if I know that there will be recurring charges/ fees for changing the number I have not

opted to change and I should have retained my old number and be glad with it.


Maricar Mendoza- Emirates ID # 784 1980 4820602-7


Hi @MaricarMendoza


Kindly allow us to check the matter with the relevant team


Thank you,