balance is deducted

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balance is deducted

Good afternoon.
I’ve recharge yesterday with 10aed on ‘more credit’. After that I’ve subscribed on social 3aed. Now, I have zero balance. Why is that? Can you please check because It’s been happening this past month everytime I recharge. Thanks. Btw, here’s my number 0557500765.

Hoping that you would take time to solve this.
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Re: balance is deducted

Hello ,

DIfferent causes can deduct your balance.

A classic one is when people let Data open , then automaticaly it will deduct 1AED/MB ... balance will melt fast if no bundle is activated.


Also , it can be a SMS subscription of a service who will deduct from the balance for each sms received or weekly subscription to something. If so, you can ask the cancelation of those to DU Staff.


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