Very weak Mobile signal

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Very weak Mobile signal



we have just moved to the warsan village and as everybody knows there is no internet because of fiber optics so we have only option to use mobile DATA but even du mobile signal is also very less and unstable we cant use 4G data all of my family member have du connection and i brought special data sim to use in warsan village only  please advise me the solution for this problem.






Re: Very weak Mobile signal

Hello @Muhammadfawad, could you provide us the following information here in private message, so we can raise the matter to the relevant team for further assistance? Thanks 


  • Affected Numbers:
  • Emirate: 
  • Road Name and number: 
  • Area Name: 
  • Building Name & Floor Number: Or
  • Villa Number:
  • Landmarks: 
  • Coordinates (Using Google Maps): 
  • Frequency (issue occurred once or all the time): 
  • Mobility (static or driving): 
  • Handsets Types: 
  • If you’ve used a different Handset, mention its type:
  • What appears on the screen (LTE, 3G, E, H+, ...):
  • Alternative Contact Number:
  • Suitable time to contact you:
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Re: Very weak Mobile signal

Hi Fawad

I am planning to rent a villa in Warsan village.
Is the internet issue resolved yet?