Beware of fraudulent calls

Community Manager

Beware of fraudulent calls

We have had several of our customers reporting to us instances of fraudulent calls promising them sums of money in exchange for sharing personal details or numbers from unused recharge card. More often than not, the callers claim to be du representatives.

Here are some things we never do:

  • We never ask for bank details, recharge card numbers or personal information as part of any promotion or phone conversation
  • We do not give out cash prizes unless publicised through a promotional campaign

Important tips for you:

  • Never entertain calls from people you don't know informing you that you have won something, especially when you have not entered an official competition or draw
  • If you do get a call from du and are unsure about the authenticity of the information, please call du Customer Care on 155 or 04 390 5555 or email

We hope this public advisory will help you from becoming a victim of fraudulent phone calls or scams.